Monday, September 26, 2005

Chapter 9: Lake Casitas

A great RV trip to Lake Casitas..Joined by my friends. Composer/Contrabassist Jim Connolly is above.

I was looking for a nice quiet place to compose and was thrilled with Lake Casitas Thursday night...but oh crap...after that, all the NASCAR and boating fans showed up....loud AND noisy. But I had a great time anyway, hanging with friends, going to a pirate festival, boating...and even wrote a little. This place is perfect during the week, quiet and peaceful. The coyotes get going around 11 pm or so...beautifully chilling oratorios in canis lingua...antiphonally performed between hills.

Here, my brilliant friend film writer/director/producer and arts critic writer, Ted Mills is about to get a duck to sit on his finger...

Lesley and I rented a boat a cruised the lake for an afternoon.

I ran into Jazz Critic Rex Butters (with his wife and son) at a, ahem, pirate festival. Which was a quite entertaining variant of a renaissance fair.

All good trips end with a campfire.

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