Sunday, May 22, 2011

Anza-Borrego with Alex Nowitz

After an excellent concert last night, had a great time today...Alex Nowitz and I had breakfast with Bonnie Wright at Ranchos and then headed off for a day of driving through the desert...beautiful weather...ended up having beers at the Krazy Koyote in Anza, where I also did a lengthy video interview of Alex for my dissertation, that was quite fun and interesting...(Click any image to enlarge.)

Monday, May 09, 2011

Boise: Random Shots from B-CIMF 2011

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First day there, Krispen Hartung, Bob Sterling, Gregory Taylor and Mark Taylor and I went to The Modern...once a year the hotel donates all the rooms to artists and they install visual arts inside of the rooms....quite awesome, and overwhelming!

Kris showing off his new tattoos...

Gregory and fisher

Several meals taken at the Front Door...great pizza and excellent tap selection.

Jim Connolly right before being swept away, Ted Killian observes.


Last day tea at the fantastic Shangri-La, sampled three different puerhs, the wild mushroom and miso soup, tabouli...good stuff...

Paul, Jim, Jeff, Bob Sterling

Paul and our Shangri-La host

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Boise Creative and Improvised Music Festival 2011: Day 2

Colter Frazier and Mark Soden
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Ted Killian and Bob Sterling

Krispen Hartung and Jeff "Mr. Serious" Kaiser

Jim Connolly and Jeff Kaiser

Jeff and Gregory Taylor

Jeff and Rob Wallace

Gregory Taylor and Jim Connolly

Aaron Davis and Heidi Kraay

Ben Burdick

William Alves of Phog Masheen

Mark Soden of Phog Masheen with
heated muffler, welding gloves, dry ice

Kris Hartung and Lila Camille

Kris, Brent Jensen, Bob Sterling