Sunday, May 24, 2009

Phil Skaller/Jeff Kaiser at Vision Festival...

Pianist Phil Skaller and I will be playing at the Vision Festival in New York on June 14.

We will be improvising (duo) to Bill Brand's ANGULAR MOMENTUM (1973), a 20-minute 16mm color film. Bill Brand will also be present.

I'll post more as we get closer, but this will be a really enjoyable gig, and it will be awesome to get to meet Bill Brand.

More information about the Vision Festival can be found here.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

KaiBorg with Christian Bök, tonight...

KaiBorg will be playing with Christian Bök tonight, 8 pm, at Conrad Prebys Music Center.

Bök Bio:
Canadian experimental poet Christian Bok is the author of books including Crystallography, a pataphysical encyclopedia, Eunoia (Coach House Books/Canongate), a lipogram that uses only one vowel in each of its five chapters, and Pataphysics: The Poetics of an Imaginary Science (Northwestern University Press.) Crystallography was nominated for the Gerald Lampert Award for Best Poetic Debut and Eunoia, the best-selling Canadian poetry book of all time, was awarded the Griffin Poetry Prize in 2002. His conceptual artwork has appeared at the Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York City as part of the exhibit Poetry Plastique. He is a professor at the
University of Calgary.

For more information about and examples of Christian Bok's work please visit:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

True Story...

Thursday, while I was biking, a guy and his friends in a BMW almost ran me over speeding through a corner on the wrong side of the street by my house. They laughed and cussed at me as I yelled at them.

Friday, they ended up in a neighbor's front room...with their BMW. Lost control speeding through the neighborhood. (Nobody hurt.)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Two Favorite iPhone Apps of the moment...

Andrew Pask hipped me to this...awesome for the traveling vegan/vegetarian. Which means me!

Speaking of traveling...I look forward to using this app when in Europe this summer. I tried it on my wireless network here at the house, and it worked friend said it sounded better than, ahem, when calling over AT&T. (Which, on a side note, if I didn't have the iPhone, I would still be on Verizon...)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

At UCSD Music we are all Prebysterians...

Check it out: Conrad Prebys Music Center

A truly standout, world-class facility. Studios, concert halls, experimental performance think anytime is a good time to be in this program, but right now is really special...Thank you donors, and in particular: Conrad Prebys.

David Borgo and I (KaiBorg) will be there playing at the opening concerts the next three nights. We are using new software that includes interactive video being processed by our individual computers and then composited on my machine and projected on us. This new work is eight minutes long and called, trans terra firma.

Tickets still available for Saturday...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Celebrate (?) Odd Day

From the AP:

SAN FRANCISCO – Prepare to be awed by Odd Day.

For the mathematically challenged, Thursday's date, 5/7/09, is one of only six this century that will feature three consecutive odd numbers.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Opinion: I got yer privacy right here, pal

Opinion: I got yer privacy right here, pal

Hey Justice Scalia, don't like privacy about when it comes to you?

Friday, May 01, 2009

Good news for Pu-erh drinkers

From xinhuanet:

Chinese Pu'er tea set to be more affordable

BEIJING, April 13 -- Tea lovers can look forward to a more affordable pot of Pu'er, which has witnessed sharp price hikes in recent years, Kong Chuizhu, deputy governor of Yunnan province, said yesterday.

"In addition, the quality of Pu'er tea will be higher," Kong said yesterday at the opening ceremony of the fourth China Yunnan International Pu'er Tea Expo, which kicked off in Kunming, capital of the southern province.

A total of 180 companies from home and abroad are taking part in the event, which closes on Wednesday.

"The purpose of the expo is to help people further understand the quality and health benefits of Pu'er tea," Kong said.

Yunnan produced 52,800 tons of Pu'er tea last year, accounting for 31.1 percent of the province's total tea output. The province exported 1,889 tons of Pu'er last year, earning 14.69 million U.S. dollars. Yunnan came a close second to Fujian province in tea production last year.

Although the province's overall tea output in 2008 was just 1 percent less than 2007, production of Pu'er tea fell 46.7 percent last year, a decline of 462,000 tons.

Kong attributed the decrease to low temperatures and a drought in winter and spring last year.

"Pu'er tea became very popular after 2000 as more people became aware of its beneficial qualities," said Kong.

Pu'er tea, which is believed to help weight loss, grows in quality and value as it matures, leading some people to buy up large quantities. But some investors dropped out of the industry in the latter half of 2007, leading to a supply glut and a big slide in prices.

"With the adjustment of the market last year, the price has returned to a more reasonable level, but still lower than before," Kong said. "Overall, from the industry's point of view, I consider that a normal adjustment in prices."

Kong expects this year's overall tea production in Yunnan to remain lower than average due to the drought and cold temperatures in the first half of this year.

"Pu'er tea will increasingly turn from a product to collect to just a healthy drink," said Tang Keren, deputy general director of Yunnan province's agricultural department.

Pu'er was ratified as a geographic symbol product of Yunnan in June last year by the Standardization Administration of China. A national-level quality standard for Pu'er has been applied in Yunnan since Dec 1 last year.

"We are currently working on the reconstruction of low-output tea farms, the processing of organic teas, and upgrading the quality of processed tea products," Kong said.

(Source: China Daily)

The more you attend church, the more you agree with torture?

From CNN:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The more often Americans go to church, the more likely they are to support the torture of suspected terrorists, according to a new survey.

More than half of people who attend services at least once a week -- 54 percent -- said the use of torture against suspected terrorists is "often" or "sometimes" justified. Only 42 percent of people who "seldom or never" go to services agreed, according to the analysis released Wednesday by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

White evangelical Protestants were the religious group most likely to say torture is often or sometimes justified -- more than six in 10 supported it. People unaffiliated with any religious organization were least likely to back it. Only four in 10 of them did.

The analysis is based on a Pew Research Center survey of 742 American adults conducted April 14-21. It did not include analysis of groups other than white evangelicals, white non-Hispanic Catholics, white mainline Protestants and the religiously unaffiliated, because the sample size was too small.

The president of the National Association of Evangelicals, Leith Anderson, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The survey asked: "Do you think the use of torture against suspected terrorists in order to gain important information can often be justified, sometimes be justified, rarely be justified, or never be justified?"

Roughly half of all respondents -- 49 percent -- said it is often or sometimes justified. A quarter said it never is.

The religious group most likely to say torture is never justified was Protestant denominations -- such as Episcopalians, Lutherans and Presbyterians -- categorized as "mainline" Protestants, in contrast to evangelicals. Just over three in 10 of them said torture is never justified. A quarter of the religiously unaffiliated said the same, compared with two in 10 white non-Hispanic Catholics and one in eight evangelicals.