Thursday, September 08, 2005

Chapter 6. 9.8.05, Yosemite, CA

The bright light coming out of the sky…what the…? Aliens seem to have spotted the glimmering metal roof of my rv and are heading for it…a much worse threat than bats and bears, I know that my precious Ratty and his friend Ratty cannot protect me, I reach for my gun, but, alas I don’t have a gun, I scream a loud unearthly guttural cry at the light, giving it fair warning that I will NOT go gently into that good sky, no abductions for me, I’ve heard what they do to people…while screaming brashly, loudly and clear, my neighbor comes over, he calmly reassures me that it is only the sun. Nice. I should try this morning thing more often. Nah.

After a quiet day around the campsite and the river, I head out for Mirror Lake. An easy hike, in fact, the trail is paved. So does it really qualify as a hike? More of a stroll. Beauty is everywhere. On the way back, I see a sign for a trail, a REAL trail that goes to Happy Isles, I decide to go that way…but get lost! Now, I knew that I wasn’t far from the paved path, but still nervous as the sun is going down, imagining myself becoming the prey of large, wild animals unfettered with the common decency NOT to eat someone.

Two skinhead looking guys moved in next to me today…very quiet, which is way nicer than than the loud yuppies on the other side…I was wondering what their story was…English accents, but drinking Jack on the rocks and chasing it with Bud…I went over and offered them so decent beer (Sierra Nevad Pale Ale) and started chatting. Great guys! Dav Thomas and his pal Tim, both graphic artists working in the gaming industry. They live in Sheffield, England, came here and rented a behemoth of an RV, looked about 30 ft…they had it for about two weeks and were just driving around…I totally confused them (not on purpose) by suggesting different routes. I just imagined them cursing my name the next day. I’ll email Dav and find what route they took.


Betty Kaiser, columnist said...

This was a nice blog. You are a good son.

Teddy_Firehose said...

Who are those 2 baldy head freaks you are with? You sound like a nice guy but they sure look like serial killers to me. I bet they is on the run from the fuzzy foo-foo.

Are they twins? Are they Aliens? Are they gay?

uniB said...

Heay Jeff, Dav here, remember me from all that time ago in Yosemite (one of the baldy head freaks!)?? Just managed to find your blog!

Glad to see the blog is still going strong and life still seems exciting - how's the RV these days, still going strong I hope?

We seem to have made quite an impression on teddy firehose - not twins, not aliens and not gay, and I'm certainly not a serial killer - not sure about Tim though!

All the best