Friday, September 02, 2005

Chapter 2. Come with me and meet my RV...

What a day...Exhaustion settles in as the natural stimulants ingested wear off...but the drive is over, the manic, rapid-pace of the interstate highway gives way for the more calm, idyllic mountain roads of Oregon. All the more reason to be wary. In a hurry, ever grateful for the record breaking, lawless ride, and not wanting to take further advantage of the company of Robert and the sedated felines...I am let off at the junction not far from my folks. Come with me up this path and beware of the treachery that lies in wait.

What the??? I was warned of strange creatures in the forest....

I seem to have gotten into a nest of these:

Finally, on the horizon, the Kaiser homestead:

And, waiting with the gift, the killer Tioga Arrow, my folks:

At rest, at the wheel, the comfort and safety of a land yacht:

Tomorrow, a tour of the inside and preparations for the road.


trumpetplayer3 said...

nice motor home dude! hope to see you on the road soon.

paulitothehippie said...

nice picture of the " table shark." aka sadie. p.s. i'm practicing.