Sunday, December 28, 2008

Duo with Cooper Baker in Eugene, Oregon

Last night Cooper Baker and I performed at DIVA in Eugene, Oregon. It is a nice gallery, with a low-key performance space that I love to play at. The awesome Don Haugen (Warning Broken Machine) hooked up the gig, he did a very short set (computer stopped working), and Sabrina Siegel followed us with a nice set. It was the first time Cooper and I played duo with electronics...and I thought it went really well. Unfortunately, no recording...

It was nice to meet some of the local artists that came out to hear us. We went to Horsehead afterwards, but then ended up at the local Rogue public house (Old Crustacean on tap!) and had a nice hang with Roger and Heather. Roger is also known as "chefkirk," an artist (and fellow vegan) who makes music with no input mixer...some very engaging music, I enjoyed the following video of one of his performances:

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