Monday, August 18, 2008

Recent Tea Acquisitions...

Three great teas recently added to my arsenal...and, shockingly, two oolongs. (I usually stick with the pu-ers and white teas.) BTW, recommendations are just shared out of the joy of tea, I have no affiliation with the Tao of Tea, other than love of their product and service.

So first: I just purchased another brick of the 2002 Tibetan Puer...wonderful! (David Borgo and I shared a pot of it yesterday while working on the software we will be using for our upcoming gigs in Sweden and The Netherlands.) A delicious, full-bodied tea, with just the right amount of caffeine.

Right now I'm having a cup of "Frozen Summit" (Tung Ting) from a small three acre farm in Taiwan. A surprising, but not overpowering, sweetness in this tea among the complexity of flavors.

Last week I tried, and loved, the Wenshan Baozhong, also from a small farm (the same?) in Taiwan. The description from the Tao of Tea nailed it, "Several texture levels on the upper palate. Light, toasty, smooth buttery brew." Really excellent. And the leaves are beautiful when they open up in the gaiwan or pot.

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