Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Movie Theaters Stink...

"Theater owners are trying to stem declining admissions, which fell nearly 9 percent in 2005. One way to do so has been to install new digital projectors and feature new types of entertainment."

I found that statistic here.

If theater owners really want to improve attendance, they should do a few simple things:

1) Clean up the theaters so they don't smell. And aren't sticky.
2) "Patrol" during shows to get rid of annoying drunks, cell phone users, and yelling children. And ask people to just shut up that are talking.

I stopped going to the theater regularly about 7 or 8 years ago. It got too much to handle. When the bad experiences outweigh the good, why should we drop 10 bucks on a film? For the privilege of being uncomfortable, sticky, smelly, and in the presence of loud obnoxious people? Do they really think they will attract people by adding stuff?? Clean up what you already have and make it a good experience.

Me? I'll get whatever it is on DVD when it comes out and watch in the peace of my own home, with a nice cocktail and dessert. The hell with the theaters. And their owners.

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