Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Good gawd, I love Chuck Norris!

Ever since I was a kid in high school and Good Guys Wear Black and then, A Force of One came out on the big screen, I have thoroughly enjoyed, and looked forward to, the next movie by the cheesiest actor there is this side of Steven Seagal...the one, the only, the greatest deliverer of awful one-liners: Chuck Norris.

I am currently watching, The Cutter. A truly and delightfully awful film.

Dialogue Excerpt:

Bad Cop to Norris: "I'm not through with you yet!"
Norris: "Well I am!"

Who, exactly, is Norris through with?

Also: This film features some of the worst fake mustaches and beards on the evil villain (redundancy?) that I've ever seen. After thinking this, I hear the Interpol agent say:

"He is obviously a master of disguises."


Why do I love these movies so? But I heard that Sartre read pulp novels non-stop when he wasn't working...we've all got to have a hobby.

Side Note: Check out Chuck Norris Random Facts

And, in fairness, his own response to the random facts, which is really just an opportunity to pimp his autobiography.

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