Monday, August 30, 2010

Paul DeMarinis at the DAAD Gallery in Berlin

A very beautiful show at the DAAD in Berlin closed on Saturday...Paul DeMarinis' pneuma featured speakers whose cones would rise and fall in sync while playing the sound of an individual (different for each speaker) sleeping and dust would project images onto phosphorescent powder (in a darkened room) that would then remain when the light source was removed...then subjected to low frequency tones causing them to distort, eventually becoming changed like a shaken etch-a-sketch, but actually forming patterns of "abstract light in motion"...a thoughtful meditation on impermanence, even in a way, mortality...I was lucky enough to find out about this from my friend Yutaka, and ended up running into my friend Katharina Rosenberger from UCSD (randomly) in the darkened video room...we ended up having a great time chatting with Makino, DeMarinis and Henderson about everything from audio mastering to the politicization of excellent time.


Yutaka Makino, Douglas Henderson, Paul De Marinis and (?)
Yutaka Makino, Douglas Henderson, Paul DeMarinis and (?)
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