Wednesday, July 01, 2009

KaiBorg enters the studio...

David Borgo and I (KaiBorg, btw, audio file now on the website) have entered the studio...Studio A, that is, at the University of California, San Diego campus...accompanied by the wonderful audio/software engineer Tom Erbe (be sure to check out his discography as engineer, and also, if you use music software you should use his).

We spent about six hours there today, and will spend another eight tomorrow. Tom is getting some wonderful sounds, using the Royer 121 as the main trumpet mic, going into a Grace pre-amp, then heading into my Max/MSP rig. He has also set up a Mojave mic to pick up my valves and other extraneous sounds. Just the opposite with David, he is using a Mojave as the main, Royer for the extra sounds.

It is a big room, and with all the sound curtains pulled, the reflections are at a minimum. We set up close (so any bleed will not have a lot of delay) and Tom created these Dilbert like cubicles to help isolate our mics, and they are doing a very good job.

My cubicle

David's cubicle

More tomorrow...

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