Friday, April 10, 2009

First session

At the fantastic new Conrad Prebys Music Center, we had our first full tracking session in the new recording studio. (By they way, does that make all of us that use the music center "Prebysterians"...?) Anyway, it went *very* smoothly, this in spite of the inevitable setup/mic/console snafus/confusion that you would expect with eight people having their hands on everything. Tom Erbe, the instructor for the class (who amazingly avoided my camera), the students, and myself (TA) had a great time with musicians James Williams on piano, Richard Sellers on drums and Rob Thorsen on bass playing the music of James Williams.

I'm all smiles...

James Gordon Williams

Richard Sellers

Rob Thorsen

Dustin and Ben, looking surprised

Students asking the question:
"Maybe we shouldn't have typed 'command-a, delete' at the end of the session?" (not)

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