Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Update: KaiBorg concert rider...

In followup to my post a few days ago, for KaiBorg's concert this weekend at UCSD, I added the following to our contract/tech rider:

1 Large bowl of blue M&Ms, vegan
2 Warm towels soaked in water from Lourdes

The vegan M&Ms were of course a nod to Van Halen, and the towels a riff on a request I received from an artist (who shall remain unnamed) for a concert at our series in Ventura City Hall.

The concert manager's reply to me included the following:

"btw, you didn't mention if you'd like your M&Ms de-shelled. I'll prepare both just in case."

I presume that means the towels are no problem...

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Rab said...

You have a great site here... I hope you won't mind if I follow along.