Friday, October 31, 2008


Now that I have your attention.

In the midst of all the political madness of the Presidential election, don't forget a very important proposition on the ballot for California: Proposition 2.

Even if you eat meat, this is good for your state, your health and even better for the animals. And don't buy into the myths. Read more at:

The Humane Society of the US
California Veterinary Medical Assn
Center for Food Safety
Union of Concerned Scientists
Sierra Club
Consumer Federation of America
California Democratic Party
California Council of Churches

However, if you want to be a true environmental warrior and political radical, go vegan.

How is it radical to be a vegan?

Better for the environment, by far: Cuts down on the enormous amount of pollution and environmental damage created by factory farms in the maintenance, slaughtering, preparation, and transportation of animals.

Workers rights:

And, once again, the continual theme of the love affair between the government and corporations:

And don't is pretty darn good for your health...

Go veg, and VOTE YES ON PROP 2.

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