Saturday, March 10, 2007


After thinking about it for several years, I have made the decision to return to graduate school and further my growth and development as an artist, to gain skills as a scholar, earn a PhD, and prepare to teach at the university/college level. It was interesting working to find a school (or schools) that would embrace my desire for a broad spectrum of studies (performance, composition, improvisation, technology), but I am pleased to say that I found several programs that weren't opposed to such studies, and the one with the best fit for me is right here in California.

So, I am quite excited to announce that starting in September 2007, I will be in the music program at UCSD working on a PhD in CSEP. (I guess I better get used to acronyms.) I have to admit, I am stoked.

The Critical Studies and Experimental Practices (at the University of California, San Diego) program with Mark Dresser, Anthony Davis, David Borgo and other very notable faculty members.


Daren said...

Congratulations Jeff! Going back to school is a difficult and brave commitment to make for yourself.

Anonymous said...

It is so cool that you found a place near you where you will be able to learn the way you want to :)
Good for you !