Thursday, January 25, 2007

New In Chess and ZUGZWANG

I love receiving reviews/mentions in odd places. Well, not that this magazine is odd, but let's say it is a "statistically unusual" magazine from which to receive a review of creative improvised electro-acoustic music in.

First, a bit of history. I am a chess nut. I subscribe to magazines and voraciously read about it with the same joy and vigor my brother-in-law reads about NASCAR. As far as playing, I play online all the time (at the Internet Chess Club), every free moment, and have for quite a while. I'm not a great player, but I love it.

So, one day on a whim, I sent a note to New In Chess Magazine (arguably the best chess magazine in the known universe) with a copy of my appropriately chess named duo CD (w/ Tom McNalley) ZUGZWANG, and they wrote about it! It made my day...(for information on the meaning of zugzwang click here)

Here is a scan from the magazine: