Sunday, July 20, 2014

I've Moved! (my blog)

Just to let readers know, I've moved my blog to my website in the "News & Events" section.

Thank you!

Monday, June 02, 2014

I'm sitting in the airport, off to Baltimore and NYC. I will be developing software, rehearsing, recording and gigging with Dave Ballou this week. Should be a blast

If you are in Baltimore on Tuesday, or NYC on Saturday:

Jeff Kaiser and Dave Ballou, trumpets and laptops

***Saturday, June 7, 2014
June 7, 2014 12:00

***Tuesday, June 3, 2014
The Windup Space
12 W. North Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21201

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Renaming Items in Large Sample Libraries on a Mac: The Joy of Automator

I have been working on a personal library of sounds recorded of my own trumpet, quartertone trumpet and flugelhorn. After exporting them from Pro Tools I ended up with a large collection of files that needed to uniformly renamed…about a third of the way through I remembered Automator.

I *always* forget this easy workflow for renaming large amounts of items in a folder (on a Mac), good for more than sample libraries.


1) Open Automator.

2) Select "Workflow."

3) From "Library" click "Finder."

4) In the column that opens up to the right, select "Get Selected Finder Items" and drag it into the Workflow.

5) In the same column, select "Rename Selected Finder Items" drag it into your Workflow after choosing to duplicate or not.

6) I then select "Make Sequential" and click "New Name" and enter the desired name.

7) Go to your Finder/Folder and select the items to be renamed.

8) Return to Automator and click "Run."

So easy, but do be careful, you can rename more than you want to with an accidental selection.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Alpine to Bakersfield to Berkeley...a beautiful drive…

I'm guest lecturing at The Jazzschool in Berkeley, California this coming week...and decided to make a bit of a Spring Break trip out of it. Spent time with Nicholas Deyoe, Tom McNalley and Frannie Garretson at Highland Cafe in Los Angeles, then Louis Lopez at the Market in Pasadena, Kris Tiner at The Padre in Bakersfield and Chris Truitt at Dagny's in Bakersfield before heading off to Berkeley. Then I step out of my hotel in Berkeley and turn a corner and George Lewis is walking towards me...had a pleasant, but brief visit. This was doubly odd to see George as I had just been watching him speak in Elements of One, the Steve Coleman documentary....Dinner at Cafe Gratitude and now off to meet Leah Bowden, Phil Skaller and Tom Ferguson for cocktails...(Yes, Leah and Phil are in town. Wacky.)

Some of the views in the past 36 hours:

Morning, from my backyard in Alpine.

From Dagny's in Bakersfield.

On the 580 near Livermore. 

From my hotel in Berkeley.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some pfMENTUM and Angry Vegan business....

We're pleased to announce our latest release,
***Endless Pie***
featuring Jeff Kaiser and Phil Skaller.

The first review described it as "Wicked trumpet meets prepared piano in this intense and hilarious pairing of twisted minds." --San Diego Reader

It is available for purchase as CD or download, and you can stream the entire recording for free at:



We've started a Facebook page, please "Like" it to help get the word out!

And we've started Twitter accounts:

We've got several recordings lined up for release, including:

Jeff Denson/Claudio Puntin

Paul Stapleton/Simon Rose and

Ted Byrnes/Nicholas Deyoe...

Jeff Kaiser and Louis Lopez

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Todd Reynolds at Space 4 Art in San Diego

Thanks to Bonnie Wright for bringing Todd Reynolds to town.

Click any of the images below for larger version.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Double Quartet Re-visited...

Despite, what it says in the review, it is not *quite* out of print...I also have a few copies that are available....nice to revisit the review, though!

From Downtown Music Gallery's Newsletter today:
Not Breath: Music For Double Quartet (Nine Winds
206; USA)  Jeff Kaiser, trumpet and pump organ;
Michael Vlatkovich, trombone; Vinny Golia,
woodwinds; Gene Doi, woodwinds; Jim Connolly,
contrabass; Hannes Giger, contrabass; Brad Dutz,
percussion; Richie West, percussion.
"I almost began this review with a confession
that I was lying about the Trignition CD [9Winds]
being the most inaccessible CD, but as I listened
further, I stopped myself. This disc is a huge,
70-minute, eleven-part suite that begins subtly
and improvisationally and then explodes in many
multi-layered compositions and quirky fanfares. I
feel the apex of the disc culminates in Section
VIII, which I will call the "theme".  It's the
only part of the disc that my mind sings. The
rest is an avant-garde smorgasboard that swings
in places, much like Ornette's original double
quartet did on the historic Free Jazz. Nothing Is
Not Breath goes beyond that template, happily,
and saturates itself with wonderful 20th Century
classical sensibilities. In attempting to
interpret the title of this work, I believe that
even though only four of the eight instruments
are winds, the percussion and double basses
actually seem to breathe. The rising and falling
of dynamics, and the lack of rhythm or pulse in
some selections, resembles a large organism
slowly inhaling.. and exhaling. The tumbling
marimba is the rattle of its breath, the
squealing reeds its vocal chords, the percussion
its raspy cough. This is a Kaiser masterwork -
not to mention that Golia is on it, of course!" -
Fred Barrett
CD normally $15.. NOW $13      (Out of print, but we have it!)


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Two new reviews from Downtown Music Gallery

Two new reviews from DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY…

DMG Newsletter for November 16, 2012

ENDLESS PIE [JEFF KAISER/PHIL SKALLER] - Endless Pie [2 CD set] (pfMentum 072; USA) Jeff Kaiser on trumpet, flugelhorn and electronics and Phil Skaller on prepared piano. Jeff is a restless explorer on trumpet and flugelhorn, always searching for other like-minded musicians to work with. Kaiser has done a number of duo discs before this, each one unique depending on his partner. Mr. Skaller seems to work mostly inside the piano, banging on the strings with assorted objects. Kaiser continually alters his sound with mutes or electronic devices, as well as playing some strange synth sounds. This is a particularly intense and focused duo, always working tightly together, complimenting and pushing each other. Although this music is completely (?) improvised, the duo often create patterns which sounds closer to modern chamber music. Reminding me at times of recent discs from Ernesto Martinez and David Rosenboom. This is an extraordinary duo and one of this year's most challenging efforts on a variety of levels. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery 2 CD set for $14

CHARISMATA [JEFF KAISER/GREGORY TAYLOR] - The Desert Fathers (pfMentum 070; USA) Jeff Kaiser on quartertone trumpet and laptop and Gregory Taylor on laptop. This disc was recorded live in a studio at STEIM in Amsterdam. Since the last time we heard from pfMentum founder a few years back, Jeff Kaiser has released another three discs of his own duos, a trio and a few collaborations. With more than a half dozen duo efforts released, Mr. Kaiser has done it again with another couple of winners. The quartertone trumpet which has a fourth valve and can play microtones is relatively rare. The only one that I've seen & heard was played by Thomas Heberer. Since Mr. Kaiser uses different extended techniques and plays laptop as done his partner, it is difficult to tell who is doing what outside of the familiar odd trumpet sounds. The STEIM studio sounds like a high end affair since there is good deal of depth and dynamics to these sounds. Is that feedback, magnified static or trumpet making those extreme sounds?!? This music is intense, powerful, sometimes brittle, often bent, swirling electronics and twisted trumpet sounds. Mr. Kaiser keeps digger deeper and coming up with large variety of odd sounds from his trumpet, often reminding me of Nate Wooley or Peter Evans, both of whom are also restless explorers who can match wits with any acoustic or electronic instruments. This disc is more than an hour in length and I found myself at the edge of my seat throughout wondering what they would come up with next. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery CD $12

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Profile in ITG Journal...

One of the editors for the International Trumpet Guild journal ran across the "Brave New Sonic World" article (posted below) and decided to do a profile on my work for the ITG journal in March. I'm quite excited about that...